Personal blog of Elijs 'X2Eliah' Dima

I’m Not Dead, but this blog sure was

Got an annual payment-fee for the domain name of this thing. So, it’s a year old already! And, my, most of that year has been nothing but silence. That *may* change again, but things won’t be as they were. For one, I just plain don’t have a never-ending stream of new games that I could talk about each week. I’m not into indies, AAA’s are selective issues, and when I get a game, I like to play it through a ton of times.. which still gives enough material for 2 articles, tops. So, I can’t afford to try and force the past rates  it will only end in me burning out (again) and this place going silent (again). So, what to do?

Well. Here’s a quick enumeration of the changes coming:

1) I’ve taken up modelling again. This may last for half the summer, it may last longer. I will post stuff I make, and maybe some posts about stuff I find out whilst doing that. But It won’t be regular, and it won’t be any kind of guides/tutorials/etc. This is my personal alias-place dot com, so I’ll just use it to dump my stuff in here.

2) If I find somethign worth writing about, wrt games, I might write about. But again, don’t expect a larger frequency, or any sort of stability. I won’t chase out stories for writing’s sake (Alas, I have to face it – I’m not a writer at heart, and the raw act of writing, whilst satisfying, is not sufficient for me to do all the time as a main hobby).

3) I might post random posts about.. well, anything I find interesting enough to waste 2-3 hours by making a post about it.

Tl:dr – This place will become more lively again, but no schedules, no obligations, and no guarantees. PSA Over.

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