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Getting into Blender, day 2

When we last left off, the mesh was completed, rendering was still a mystery, and I hated the control scheme.

Things have changed since then.

For one, I no longer hate the control scheme. Well.. there’s still things that nag at me, to be sure, but I can get by. Another thing heavily in favour of blender is.. well, everything that comes after mesh-creation. I really like the material editor(s), I really like the composition window, and I absolutely love the uniform node-manipulation graph/interface. What follows will mostly be pictures, with minor comments as needed.

Ugly little thing, no?

This is where we last left off.


This is actually very important. If you use textures, you must use UV-maps.

Unwrapping the UVs, as lazily as I can manage.

UV-maps are a critical thing for 3D models..If the interface for unwrapping and editing these maps is bad, then the whole workflow could end up crippled. Blender’s is… well, it’s okay, I suppose. There were some odd differences when trying to access the ‘island’ selection mode in the UV-wrapping viewport. Still, it is not agressively bad, and exporting uv-map files is a breeze.

Render-view on right viewport to see the mats as they actually are (colours in design viewport (left) are basically meaningless)

Just selecting faces, one by one, to apply a new material…

This, I really like. Very capable and interesting to fiddle with. Also complicated as butts.

Material Node editor.

Oh god the background is a render output preview. WELP GUESS NO REASON TO HIDE ANYTHING ANYMORE

Composition (node) editor. This is the post-processing step that happens after rendering out objects in their layers. Extremely powerful… There’s two groups of about the same complexity hidden as single-node icons, there. Without grouping up, you’d see about 3x as many nodes.

On the upside, it kinda does look pretty good.

Final composition that I got out of blender. Took 20 minutes to render out. Very unhappy with the ‘smoke’ trails – turns out the renderer I used does not work with smoke/liquids/other volume-based physics objects. 😦

I really need to find a better image editor than for things like this.

A ton of blurs and more blurs, and the contrails are.. Well, okay, they still look bad. Not *as* bad, though.


So that caps off the first tutorial project of mine, in Blender. On the whole, not bad. Certainly will look forward to doing more stuff, this was fun. Should think about something fully textured and a lot more detailed, tbh…







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