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Current BlenderProject, 20th May. ‘Solar clipper’

Right. Slowly finding time to make the next project that’s finally not by-the-book tutorial followthrough. Keeping with the space theme because that’s the kind of stuff I like. Right now, it’s two ‘big’ engine modules that will pull something via wires. That idea generally appeals to me, as usually spacecraft has a) engines at the back, and b) engines mounted on/at the main hull. I feel there’s room for differences there, so I’m making one.

Current thoughts – Dont know if i’ll use textures or not. Upsides of using textures: I learn how to do stuff with textures; I get some textures for future use in my library. Downsides: the mesh is not good at all for texturing (UVwrapping will be a timeconsuming pain), I’m not entirely sure how to *make* textures as such (I’d like to do tiled textures rather than full-baked ones, as that allows a lot more resolution and detail – but I’d have to make at least 5 tiling sets to have at least the minimum amount of variety of detail), and.. Yeah. The parts that are ready are NOT made for texturing, at all.

Another issue – I wasn’t sure how large th final thing would end out whilst initially detailing the engines. Thus, there’s a very large gap between macro-detail and micro-detail. For actual in-game use, this would not be good at all. So, this will be good for rendering some pretty images, and that’s about it. Still. Worthwhile for getting more used to blender’s modelling capabilities.

On that note, comments about blender: Eh, kinda not great. The viewport movement is a bit iffy, the zooming range is way too narrow, and Blender doesn’t do smoothing groups (which, for my habits, is utterly terrible). There’s also no way to connect just two edges with a bridging edge, you have to select a full edge ring, and spanning cross-over edges can only be added then. Baaaaad. Sigh.

So, yeah. current mesh:

Wires, engines, nothing else. Yep.

Wires, engines, nothing else. Yep.

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