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BlenderProject update, May 22nd

I think the mesh is, on the whole, pretty much done. What’s next in line? Materials. I have to figure out what colours I want, then how to get them in blender, then the arduous task of mapping the materials to the spacecraft mesh. That may be… disturbingly timeconsuming. Not yet sure. First, however – must find some tutorials that actually explain material-working properly, so I have an idea what I’m doing. If we split the entire process of [nothing] -> [finished render], then there are three or four parts to it: Modelling, texturing/materialmapping, scene setup (camera angles, lighting, additional objects), and compositing (making stuff in the render look better. Basically, applying vfx). I’m done with stage 1 out of 4. YAY so far.

The one upside to this – even if in the ed it looks like rubbish – is that creating this mesh, especially the solar panels (‘sails’) has helped a lot in me learning the smoothing and curve-creation workflow that Blender permits. It is not as handy as what I recall from 3dsMax, but… it is workable. Therefore, current outlook: optimistic.

The time until next post/update may be significantly longer.. I don’t want to post anything in the middle of material-ing, so the post should be incoming once all the material business is done. And that will take a while, especially considering the amount of time I can throw at this.


Have some basic meshrenders. Even if nothing else, I’m happy with how these turned out:

But a good view on the details and how the solar cells might be arrayed in real flight

An overview angle, looking basically from the position of the main sun. Kinda boring – no shadowplay…

Lots of shadowplay here, and the angle of sails lets you see the underside as well.

And a different angle. I kinda really like this one… might even keep this angle for the final render.

So, yeah. That’s that for now. laters 🙂

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