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Blenderproject 2: some sort of dogfighter

Here’s the result of past two days of messing around. Abt 38k tris, no actual rigging yet (animations here are merely object moves on keyframes – I still have to find out how to do armatures and bone rigging). But, before rigging stuff etc, it should be time for texturing it. Which means, gotta start learning about texture baking etc. I suspect that will be “fun” >.>…


Underside. Four feet, four liftoff thrusters, two places to attach cargoboxes.


Frontside, landed mode.


Open capony mode, side ortographic


Topside ortographic, space-combat mode.


Spacecombat mode, take 2


Very similar angle, landed mode.


Aft & underside ortographic.


We should be nearing the end, I feel.


Omg more pics.


Not sure what to write here. I still say that’s totally a hydrogen scoop and not an air inlet for some jet engine.


Final picture – landed, bottomsidefront.

Looking back.. it took me equal time to make this as it took me to make the previously-posted failed concept. Weird, that.

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