Personal blog of Elijs 'X2Eliah' Dima


The blog: This is the personal blog – or something roughly like that – that I’ve decided to keep around for a while. The main focus of the blog is videogames anything I feel like sharing, though I will reserve the right to write about whatever comes across my mind – literature, videos, stuff like that. Be aware that I’ll just post stuff I want to write when I feel like it. Unfortunately, no scheduling. I’d like to promise you a very predictable and strict, frequent content, but honestly, I simply cannot because that would possibly be a lie. Oh, yeah, also, most of what I write is purely my own opinion – what else could it be – but if you have suggestions, requests, advice or criticism, just let me know via comments or e-mail [sam587aghay AT].

And as for the author:   Well, I’m Elijs ‘X2Eliah’ Dima, a 25-yo computer engineering student (done with my MSc in June 2015) who is still very much into videogames and Sci-Fi literature, as well as more general cool tech stuff and pseudo-HiFi music. I’m interested about games, game development and their industry on various levels. I’ve tried virtual composing. Didn’t work out. My most favouritest band, I guess, would be Alice In Chains (the Unplugged album is simply stunningly good to listen to), with Muse coming at a second level (more fun songs, but horrible mastering, alas). Games? Yes. RPGs, open-world GTA-style games, space simulation games, stuff like DX:HR.. and many more. Books? If it is sci-fi, then hell yes I will read it. If it is fantasy, I will probably read it too, but not so fervently. Oh, and also I like to do some 3D modelwork purely on a hobby basis. If you really really really want to say something, you can use this here block of boxes, or you can just send your email at the address listed a bit above.

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