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BlenderProject update, May 23rd

Right. Materials have been made and applied! Big party time.

Thoughts on the material editor: it is very powerful, and complicated as hell. Also, it seems that it is very very easy to get a material that’s a shiney metal with high glossiness. Any other type of materials, that are not flat one-shades but don’t turn into silver-untensil-material, those are hard to make. And, of course, sometimes things just fall flat.

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BlenderProject update, May 22nd

I think the mesh is, on the whole, pretty much done. What’s next in line? Materials. I have to figure out what colours I want, then how to get them in blender, then the arduous task of mapping the materials to the spacecraft mesh. That may be… disturbingly timeconsuming. Not yet sure. First, however – must find some tutorials that actually explain material-working properly, so I have an idea what I’m doing. If we split the entire process of [nothing] -> [finished render], then there are three or four parts to it: Modelling, texturing/materialmapping, scene setup (camera angles, lighting, additional objects), and compositing (making stuff in the render look better. Basically, applying vfx). I’m done with stage 1 out of 4. YAY so far.

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Blenderproject update, May 21st

At this point, safe to say that mostly this model will have materials instead of textures.

Starting to get the feel of active falloff modifiers.. Still feels odd, and I’d like it if the faloff travelled through connections and took that distance as ‘range’ instead of pure distance between verts. Oh well. Random pictures of work progress below:

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Current BlenderProject, 20th May. ‘Solar clipper’

Right. Slowly finding time to make the next project that’s finally not by-the-book tutorial followthrough. Keeping with the space theme because that’s the kind of stuff I like. Right now, it’s two ‘big’ engine modules that will pull something via wires. That idea generally appeals to me, as usually spacecraft has a) engines at the back, and b) engines mounted on/at the main hull. I feel there’s room for differences there, so I’m making one.

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Getting into Blender, day 2

When we last left off, the mesh was completed, rendering was still a mystery, and I hated the control scheme.

Things have changed since then.

For one, I no longer hate the control scheme. Well.. there’s still things that nag at me, to be sure, but I can get by. Another thing heavily in favour of blender is.. well, everything that comes after mesh-creation. I really like the material editor(s), I really like the composition window, and I absolutely love the uniform node-manipulation graph/interface. What follows will mostly be pictures, with minor comments as needed.

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Getting into Blender, day 1

Purely on a whim, yesterday I decided to get back into making 3D stuff for fun. Up till now, I’ve made a few spaceship models for a mod (XTC mod for X3: Terran Conflict). They weren’t bad. They were also made in 3dsMax, which his a crazily expensive program for something that’s an extremely amateurish hobby for me. The student edition is not bad by any means, but if I’d ever plan to use those models in any meaningful way… I’d be screwed, to put it short.

Thus, enter blender. Fully open-source, allegedly a complete alternative to Autodesk’s products.

How bad could it be, right?

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I’m Not Dead, but this blog sure was

Got an annual payment-fee for the domain name of this thing. So, it’s a year old already! And, my, most of that year has been nothing but silence. That *may* change again, but things won’t be as they were. For one, I just plain don’t have a never-ending stream of new games that I could talk about each week. I’m not into indies, AAA’s are selective issues, and when I get a game, I like to play it through a ton of times.. which still gives enough material for 2 articles, tops. So, I can’t afford to try and force the past rates  it will only end in me burning out (again) and this place going silent (again). So, what to do?

Well. Here’s a quick enumeration of the changes coming:

1) I’ve taken up modelling again. This may last for half the summer, it may last longer. I will post stuff I make, and maybe some posts about stuff I find out whilst doing that. But It won’t be regular, and it won’t be any kind of guides/tutorials/etc. This is my personal alias-place dot com, so I’ll just use it to dump my stuff in here.

2) If I find somethign worth writing about, wrt games, I might write about. But again, don’t expect a larger frequency, or any sort of stability. I won’t chase out stories for writing’s sake (Alas, I have to face it – I’m not a writer at heart, and the raw act of writing, whilst satisfying, is not sufficient for me to do all the time as a main hobby).

3) I might post random posts about.. well, anything I find interesting enough to waste 2-3 hours by making a post about it.

Tl:dr – This place will become more lively again, but no schedules, no obligations, and no guarantees. PSA Over.