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Stuff Wot I’ve Done, Blender Modelling

Somewhere around 2013/2014, I wanted to check out Blender – what it could do, if the UI was really as terrible as internet said. This lasted for a short time, as university projects sort of took more and more of the spare time, and without a game or a real project to make models for, the motivation to keep at it was sort of not there. And, well, I was approaching this a bit less as a raw 3D modelling software, and more wanted to see the entire pipeline from an empty project to a “picture” – meaning, looking into materials, render settings, fx..

I’ve also written individual posts about these on this blog – more pictures, observations on how blender worked, general commentary… l(inks will follow below).


The first thing I did in Blender. Just wanted to see how it worked, so nothing complex. No textures, only blender material system used.

The first non-tutorial thing I did in Blender. Just wanted to see how it worked, so nothing complex. No textures, only blender material system used. Bit of a joke on Apple’s iPhone marketing slogans.

I really need to find a better image editor than for things like this.

A tutorial ship/thing I did to “learn” Blender. Pretty much my first blenderproject.

Here it is. All presentable-like and all.

This was cool to do. I wanted to create an entire scene using *no textures* at all. Just the existing material-system Blender had. The planet in the background used all sorts of generated noise-inputs to create the swirly patterns and the colour bands. The solar-sails are using a pretty complex glassy material, connected to an autogenerated Voronoi texture for the offset/depth/discoloration/etc., to get that “cell” look.

Yer basic 1080p

Just a little spy-spider. A play on the “NSA is watching” theme – hence the eyeballs. Really, this was for testing out how to mix textured objects and materialled objects in one scene. Sadly, not animated/boned, just a static model.


Got a cheap Wacom tablet, and tried sculpting for the first time. Ewww.

He will take the smile off your recently removed head, hang it on his scythe, all the while sporting a lovely grin.

The head above didn’t really make for a good render in and of itself, so I made it into a sort of scythe accessory for good ol’ Reaper. This was also a project to check out cloth simulation,  and transparent materials.


And a never-completed small spaceship thingy. Originally intended to make something for the then-upcoming Star Citizen competition, but, well, I just didn’t have enough time to devote to it.



Links to further, in-depth posts about all this:




Unfinished spaceship:

Solar sail ship:

First project:




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